itero 3D scanner

iTero Element – 3D Digital Impressions

Anyone who has had to have impressions of your teeth taken knows that it is not a pleasant experience. The impression material is pressed over your teeth in a tray and you have to endure that uncomfortable feeling for what seems like an eternity until it hardens enough to create the impression.

McKenzie Towne Family Dental no longer uses this method of taking an impression for restorations like crowns, inlays or implants. We now use an advanced 3D intraoral scanning technology called the Itero Digital Laser Scanner.

The Itero Scanner eliminates the need for the goopy, gagging, impressions of the past. The unique laser scanner head fits easily into the mouth and scans with over 100,000 points of reference. This in turn gives us extremely accurate 3 dimensional digital images of the teeth allowing us to create better fitting restorations.

The Itero Digital Scanner reduces appointment times by up to 22% and eliminates the need for return appointments due to inaccurate impressions.

It also allows us to provide real-time visualizations for our patients to help them understand how we will restore the damaged tooth/teeth and we can even show them what their teeth will look like after the restoration.